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Millions of people suffer terribly from fear of speaking in public. As a result they never get the chance to truly shine and share their gifts and inspiration with the world. Don’t let that happen to you.

Suzann Rye’s #1 Bestselling Book, Your Voice Is Your Calling Card; How to Power-Charge Your Voice, Boost Your Confidence, and Speak with Joy, Ease, and Conviction, offers a powerful, in depth, holistic approach to speaking and presenting in a strong, healthy, and authentic voice, physically AND spiritually.

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Discover your true potential as a powerful communicator. Speak from your heart to the hearts of others - reach out and share YOUR message!
Extremely practical and deeply spiritual. Simply Mind, Body, Soul—and Voice.

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Includes FREE audio bonuses for faster and easier learning and results.

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More about Your Voice is Your Calling Card...

Receive powerful insights and tools to learn, grow and reach your goals faster and more joyfully.
Discover profound insights
into the co-relation between Body, Mind, Spirit, and Voice - teaching you how to transform limitations into positive energy and become a masterful and inspiring speaker and communicator who speaks from the heart to the hearts of others.

Take this opportunity to learn about the hidden potential of both your physical voice and YOUR voice as in who you are, what your life purpose is, and how to communicate that clearly and powerfully to the world, so that you can make a difference and impact lives. Also learn powerful techniques that will boost your confidence, transform the way you connect with people, and take your life and business to new heights.

Make your voice your strongest ally. Use it to inspire people, to teach, to motivate or compel them into action. Speak from your heart to the hearts of others. Be a remarkable, dynamic communicator and make your voice heard!

We all have a true, unique and powerful voice inside of us. It is in this voice that we find the gift of self-expression and fulfillment in the highest sense and in this voice that we are able to offer true value, service and contribution to the lives of others.
Use your voice to make a difference in the world and to the people around you.

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See below what readers said after they'd read Your Voice Is Your Calling Card:

What the Readers Say

Suzann Rye's book offers profound insight that gently opens our minds to the splendor and intricacy of public speaking and personal truth. She introduces a fresh, holistic re-orientation to the significance and value of staying true to our authentic `voice' and relinquishing limiting beliefs. Her infectious spirit, unbounded optimism, and superb intellect shine through each chapter, and I am more aware that when we internalize our ability to connect and communicate with our authentic voice, it becomes our powerful ally not only for public speaking, but in any context of our life.
Lucy Beal, M.S., N.C.C., "America's Optimism Coach," Author of Marriage Under Construction, Motivational Speaker and founder, "Optimistic Hearts of America" Campaign

Ready To Experience Phenomenal Growth and Success? Secret Connection Between Your Voice and Your Inner Self Revealed
If you wish to feel empowered, gain confidence in your ability to communicate as a speaker or performer, and develop the courage to go after your dreams, Suzann Rye's book is a must have!
She reveals the secrets to performance success and connecting one's voice with their inner self. Her positive attitude shines through and inspires the reader to manifest greatness beautifully and powerfully.
Suzann will show you how to connect with the multi-dimensional strength of your voice and your ability to perform through daily practice, voice exercises, clarifying your goals, meditation, visualization, affirmations, and much more. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that is ready to experience phenomenal growth and success not only in the performing arts, but in any arena of every day life!
Get your copy today!
Cari LaGrange Murphy,
Best Selling Inspirational and Spiritual Author and Empowerment Mentor Worldwide, WWW.CREATE-CHANGE-NOW.COM

A Profound Understanding of the Holistic Dimension of the Voice.
I met Suzann Rye during a seminar on the power of the voice. I was amazed by her profound understanding of the mechanics of the vocal instrument, but perhaps even more importantly, I realized what a remarkable advocate of the holistic dimension of the voice she is.
This book contains a wealth of practical knowledge. It is both helpful and inspiring. I invite you to let Suzann be your guide in this fascinating journey to discover your own inner voice and build it step by step to make it 'your calling card'.
Nabil Doss, Speaker, Voice Specialist, and Narrator, President 2008-2009, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Montreal Chapter

Be Inspired and Empowered!
Suzann Rye has designed a course which will absolutely inspire and empower you. In a step-by-step approach, she helps you discover and connect with your true voice - the real you, or the Dream Character, as she calls it.
Your Voice Is Your Calling Card touches on the spiritual, the emotional, and the physical aspects of performance, allowing you to create an authentic, harmonious, and whole stage persona. Learn from Suzann's twenty years of stage experience, and let her help you find your Dream Character.
Roger N Quevillon, M.Msc, Bestselling Co-Author of Living in Clarity, from the best selling series, Wake Up Live The Life You Love.

Discover AMAZING Potential Within yourself!
As a coach and counselor, and someone who works with both kids and grown ups to help them open up and express themselves more freely, I can honestly say that this book is the most amazing tool that I have EVER come across! It goes far beyond the boundaries of just teaching people how to present and use their voice. This book will help you discover amazing potential within yourself and explore possibilities you never thought possible. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed reading such a master piece.
Suzann Rye is an exceptional writer, teacher, life coach - with a fantastic sense of humor. Her new book is truly inspiring and written so as we all understand the depth and the content that is intended. It's hard to reach all individual's needs, but this book is very eye-opening, and helps you look at things from different angles. Being a teacher myself, I will take lots of things from this book to help my students on their journey.
I have been familiar with Suzann Rye's work for quite some time, and have used her techniques not only in my own life - I use them with my clients too. The results that I've had so far have been astonishing.
If you want to make a great investment in yourself and your future, this should be it.
My thanks and gratitude goes to the author for writing such a brilliant book, I will use it as my new bible.
Susan Kemp, Vocal Coach, Counselor, Singer.

The ultimate voice guide - should be in every speaker's library!
Let me begin by saying this is a very comprehensive book. It takes a holistic approach and gently guides the reader to find and connect to their true voice. For speakers there is a treasure trove of resources and exercises. Suzann's tone is easygoing and friendly which makes the book in spite of it's length very easy reading. She shares with the reader the immense depth of her experience and her passion truly comes through.
Nayantara Majumdar, Professiobnal Speaker & Consultant.

The Title of This Book is an Understatement!
Suzann goes far and above sharing her expertise on how to develop your unique voice. What I really enjoyed most was the heart Suzann puts into every page.
Her lessons on creating your finest, most tuned voice is easy to follow with her instruction and exercise. However, what I love most about her book is her personal passion and dedication to the reader that takes you far beyond your voice.
Her inspiring words of encouragement and life instructions on following your own personal “calling”, triggers action and motivation.
Gail Foley, Relationship Marketing Coach

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The Path to Freedom

The Path to Freedom; Changing Thoughts and Beliefs & Eliminating Fear

What makes you happy?
What do you want - and why?
What is your life purpose?
What is success – to you?

Suzann Rye takes us on an explorative journey into some of the core principles of personal and professional fulfillment.
We will examine how habitual thought patterns and beliefs affect our life quality and how identifying and eliminating fear is the only way forward, if we want to truly live a life of joy, abundance, and success on our own terms.

The Path to Freedom eBook Mini Course is designed to inspire you to find truthful answers that are right for you.

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Living in Clarity

International Bestseller October 2008,
Living in Clarity, from the Best-Selling Series Wake Up... Live the Life You Love.

Enjoy this wonderful selection of inspirational short stories featuring Dr. Wayne Dyer, Alex Mandosian, Gregory Scott Reid, Anthony Robbins, Liz Thompson, Janet Bray Attwood, and many more, including Suzann Rye.

Only $ 14.95
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