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Most popular Topics

1 Your Voice is Your Calling Card; How to Power-Charge Your Voice.

Your voice never lies – it is a direct expression of you. It reflects your psychological and emotional state of mind and will to a large extend determine the way you are perceived.

A healthy, strong and durable voice is a MUST for anyone who uses their voice as a professional tool. As a speaker you cannot afford not to learn proper voice technique.
Ironically many speakers completely ignore caring for their instrument, and as a result struggle with voice problems, especially during busy times. This is totally unnecessary.
Just a few tips can put your voice in a league of it own.

This presentation focuses on the basics of voice technique for speakers.
It includes easy to use, hands on voice exercises that will help build a stronger and more dynamic voice straight away.
We will work on body posture, breath control, voice projection, etc., and we will look at other tools that you can use to enhance your vocal performance, like pitch, volume, resonance, and sound coloring.

What will you gain from this presentation?

You will take away a clear understanding of the voice, its potential and the powerful influence a “well groomed” voice can have on communication and on the way you are perceived.

You will gain some insight into the most common causes for voice- and, ultimately, "communication-failure” and how to deal with them.

You will learn basic techniques that can immediately be applied to give you more strength and power using less energy.

You will discover that it is easily achievable for everybody to speak with a clear, strong and convincing voice.

Discover the true potential of your voice!
Instantly gain more vocal power!
Add more excitement and passion to your presentations!

2 Persuasive Speaking through Inner Power.
Same as above - however this presentation delves deeper into the psychological/emotional aspect of voice performance and is the most insightful and hence the most popular of the two (see description following) Includes an introduction into the "DC - Program", a training method that is known to BOOST your confidence, conquer stage fright and generally produce amazing results in very little time (*Presentation 2 only). Focus on "Heart-Communication".
See more in-depth description below.

Please note*
Both presentations can be extended into full interactive workshops.
(Also available as workshop: The Dream Character; 20 Steps to the Ideal You)


*Presentation 2 (most popular) at a glance:
Improving voice technique is important – but it is not always enough. Most voice problems are the result of emotional/psychological stress and insecurities.
So how do we deal with that? The speaker will introduce a simple training method that combines improving practical skills with the “Inner Workings” of success and confidence building.

Your Voice is your Calling Card; The Importance of Powerful Voice Performance.
The Inner Workings; Why a strong mind equals a strong and convincing voice.
Your Virtual Coach; The DC Program – your personalized training program.
Voice Training Facts; Basic Voice technique explained.
Examples and exercises.
Questions and Answers.

Length of Presentation:
Speech - open. Suggested time frame: Between 60 - 90 minutes.
Workshop - to fit your needs - can be anything between 2 hours to 2 days or more.

Form/Nature of Presentation:
Speech - open. Suggested form: Presentation, Examples/ Exercises, Q and As Forum.
Workshop - highly interactive both physically and mentally.

Proposals and further info available upon request.
Please contact:

Strong communicators are excellent performers, astute observers and proficient translators. They read their audience, pick up hints and move and sway with the mood. They dance gracefully, every step carefully planned but effortlessly executed, like pure play, holding the audience captive and eagerly awaiting their next move"...

Suzann Rye.