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I coach one on one and in groups via phone, online or live.


I have spaces open for personal (phone) coaching and can offer you the following solutions:

One On One Phone Coaching
50 minutes session.
Minimum booking 4 x 50 minutes sessions.

All Inclusive 3 Month Personal Phone Coaching Package
Runs over 3 months, one 50 minutes session (call) pr. week - total 12 x 50 minutes sessions +
1 weekly mail (motivational reminders, exercises + answers to questions) +
2 x 10 minutes follow up calls monthly if needed (optional).

The package includes a personal value assessment to ensure that progress and success is defined and achieved on YOUR terms; that our work is kept in alignment with your own highest good and spiritual values, as this will bring you the greatest joy and sense of fulfillment and personal success and achievement.

We will also work to uncover any hidden fears and beliefs that might be preventing you from being the best that you can be.

Our ultimate goal is to make you a stronger, happier, more fulfilled, more balanced, more confident individual AND communicator.

You are welcome to contact me via e-mail to arrange for a FREE 30 Minutes Introduction Call to see if you feel this program might be the right choice for you.

Read on for details.

About me an my work: About Suzann Rye

Why Choose Coaching?

If you rely on your voice as a medium in whatever you do – your voice is the first point of contact between you and the people with whom you are communicating - your clients, your students, your customers, your employees, or your audience.
Your voice is a direct expression of who you are. You could call it an energetic representation of you. It never lies. It will reflect your emotional state of mind. It will support or undermine your verbal messages and reveal more than you might imagine about your personality and your thinking.

The way you present yourself and the way your voice carries your message across are crucial to how you are perceived, no matter what the actual content of your message is, regardless of your expertise.

This means that it is not just WHAT you say or HOW you say it - it is also WHO is saying it. Your voice, your mind, and your emotions work together – always!

Therefore, as a powerful communicator, you simply have to be aware of both the voice technicalities and your own emotional well-being.

The Dream Character Program
My coaching program is called The Dream Character Program (DC Program)
The Dream Character represents the highest and best version of you. It represents your ideal self - not someone else’s ideal, but yours.

It is essential to ensure that progress and success is defined and achieved on your terms; that our work is kept in alignment with your own highest good and spiritual values, as this will bring you the greatest joy and sense of fulfillment and personal success and achievement.

Our ultimate goal is to make you a stronger, happier, more fulfilled, more balanced, more confident individual AND communicator.

The DC Program covers all the different aspects of healthy, strong voice performance, both practical and emotional. It allows you to experience yourself at your absolute best, and it gives you the practical skills to bring that part of you out for other people to see, hear and feel.

Do you feel like you have a purpose and a vision that you are compelled to share?
Do you want your voice to reach out – and into people’s hearts?
Is it time for your voice to be heard, really heard?
Are you looking for a way to open up doors and explore new avenues?
Do you dare to believe that your vision could be stronger than your current circumstances?
Are you open to dream about your ideal circumstances, your ideal self - your ideal reality?
Do you believe that it is possible to transform old patterns, thoughts and convictions into new ones that serve you better - and are you prepared to try to do that?
Do you feel that it’s time to connect with your Dream Character at a deeper level, time to bring it out and make it flourish?
Are you willing to take the few but necessary first steps toward an even better, even stronger, even more successful you—whatever success means to you?
Are you willing to make a commitment to yourself and to trust in your own progress even if or when, at times, it may seem challenging?

If so, I can help you - and I would absolutely LOVE to work with you!

Price Solutions

One On One Phone Coaching

Please contact me for price details.

You can contact me via e-mail.
The address is:
Or call me on on SKYPE: supersubbi
Or cell: 0045 5012 5371

Please note!
Payment plan for the 3 Month All Inclusive Package is available:
Payable over 3 months (3 payments, payments payable on the 1. day of the month)

Please contact me via e-mail to arrange for a FREE 30 Minutes Introduction Call to see you feel this program is the right choice for you.

E-mail me here:

I’m looking forward to hearing from you,
To you ultimate speaking joy and success,


What Some Former Students/Clients/Colleagues Said

Note: Some statements have been shortened in this section. For further details, please click "Testimonials" in the top menu.

Suzann Rye is the most amazing teacher/coach I have ever come across, not just with speaking and vocals, but with the ability to build on people’s confidence beyond anything you could possibly imagine. She literally helped me change my whole life around.
Her work goes far beyond the boundaries of just teaching people how to use their voice.
For the first time in my life I experienced what it meant to really be heard. I discovered potential within myself that far exceeded any expectations I had when I first went for vocal training.

I am now a very successful vocal coach in my own right. Suzann made me explore endless possibilities, and gave me the confidence and self belief that I needed to grow. My gratitude will always be with her.

Sue Kemp Granaghan.
Former Student & Colleague.

Suzann is an incredibly dedicated individual. She has a uncanny ability to immediately read and understand people. She is able to point out exactly what is holding you back – and what you need to do to change it.

Suzann taught me so much about myself. I’m so grateful to know her and to be able to continuously learn from her vast experience, honesty and wisdom.
I have come across very few people who posses the same qualities as her.

Ingrid Knudsen.
Former Student.

For years I was out of touch with myself. I had very low self-esteem, felt uninspired and was afraid to ask myself the question: Why do I feel like this – what is actually missing in my life?
In the “Dream Character Program“ I found the answers that I needed. It helped me find my voice (inner AND outer). Most importantly it helped me find my own inner strength to create the life that I wanted and become happy. And I still am."

Inez Dahlbaek,
Former Student.

For a long time I suffered from low self-esteem and a fear of facing other people.
I had no belief in myself. The thought of performing on stage terrified me!

Then I stared working with Suzann. We were about 40 people in a group.
I noticed that something extraordinary was happening.
Suzann was gradually leading us to a totally new way of expressing ourselves. Instead of merely focusing on the technical stuff she was showing us how to face our fears relating to our voices - the very thing that forces our voices to stay silent.

For me, my worst fear was always people judging me and thinking ill of me.
Suzann helped me face that fear.
I now enjoy life as a performer. I am calm and comfortable on stage and I no longer make myself „small“.

I recommend anyone to work with Suzann.

Gunnar Gunnerson
Former Student.

I was always very nervous and insecure when performing in front of others. But working with the Dream Character gave me so much strength and confidence.
Suzann helped me understand that you can become exactly what you dream about. And you CAN get everything that you really wish for. At first I didn’t believe when she said to me; „If you see yourself as you imagine yourself on stage – it becomes real“… But she was right.
Now I feel one with my Dream Character. It no longer represents somebody that I would like to be – it simply IS me.

This program is definitely something any performer should work with.

Maja Hviid,
Former Student.

Suzann is not like most people I’ve ever met – she’s extraordinarily positive. It’s simply impossible not be inspired by her.
She told me that I could be anything I wanted to be, as long as I believed it. She inspired me to believe in the power of mind.

t worked. It has helped me ever since to control my nerves before going on stage.
I have enormous respect for Suzann and her work. She somehow manages to make you feel special.
She makes you realize that you deserve to follow your dreams - that your can and should follow them.

Mia Louise Andresen.
Former student

When I started teaching with Suzann over ten years ago, I was blown away by her uncanny ability to inspire and enthuse her students, and found myself learning alongside them. Just watching her draw the true voice out of nervous, timid students who truly felt they had none, was an education in itself – and I’m not ashamed to say that I borrowed many of her techniques for my own classes.
As both musician and university lecturer, I know the importance of truly communicating and connecting with your audience – and how important finding your own voice is to achieving your goals in any sphere of life. What I learnt from Suzann has stayed with me, and proved just as useful from behind the lectern as it did onstage.
Suzann is a wonderfully generous human being: she is truly the teacher’s teacher”.

A.P Langman, PhD
University Lecturer
Former Colleaque

I have had the pleasure and privilege to work with Suzann Rye.
Her dedication and professionalism to her students has been admired by the entire faculty and, most of all, her students.
Her „Dream Character Program“, designed to help the students perform better and develop overall inner peace and confidence, was an integral part of both her voice and self-development classes.
Suzann was never tired to spend hours with her students for a Dream Character Session.
Suzann Rye is a remarkable, inspirational and a fantastic individual".

Soomi Lunau
Former Colleague

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